EUROMEDCITY is a congregation of euromediterranean cities which aims at informing and spreading common experiences and examples of good practice.
In a time of economic, political and social transformations determined by the advancing of a globalised market, the Fondazione Laboratorio Mediterraneo enphasises the identity of mediterranean cities and acts through projects and actions re-qualifying the urban context and and its liveability. The Euromedcity network intends to:
· Constitute a "Charter of Mediterranean Cities".
· Create meeting opportunities between operators and researcher of the phenomena of mediterranean cities within the framework of MEDA programs.
· Refine instruments of "city interpretation", of the needs of its inhabitants through active and participative research instruments, capable of collecting information relating to the structural (territory-landscape framework), social (work organisation, employment, migration processes, etc.) and anthropological-relational aspects (sense of belonging, community feeling, level of well-being and quality of life, etc.) of cities.
· Increase exchange of competence communication processes and resources for good administration.
· Activate and diffuse instruments and methodologies of active participation, favouring a self-empowerment process of the citizens, which would allow their participation to city decision-making.
· Constitute the Map of European cities linked to the Mediterranean by water ways (canals, rivers, lagoons).
· Create methodologies able to recover hydraulic engineering works linked to port activities and river navigation.
· Re-evaluate the cultural heritage (artistic, environmental, architectural and archaeological) of cities in order to promote the cultural and tourist offer also through the promotion of historic town centres.
· Improve competencies for the resolution of conflicts in the government of cities also through the creation of new professions:
a) Training courses for social operators and/or volunteers from institutions and associations present in the field to promote development;
b) Organisation of a conference on themes of potential conflict: protection of coastal areas, large road infrastructures, solid urban waste, industrial settlements, airports;
c) Organisation of a workshop on each aspect with the participation of all actors involved.
d) Running of a Forum involving all the representatives of Euromedcity.

The identification and constitution of the various branches and bureaux is entrusted to the FONDAZIONE LABORATORIO MEDITERRANEO, invested by the II FORUM CIVILE EUROMED to proceed, by its own initiative and means, firstly to the constitution of the EUROMEDCITY and later to the conception and realisation of its spatial organisation.

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